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Submitted on
May 15, 2013


1 (who?)
tagged by :iconnudge-edge:
but because I don't know enough of the Hetalia countries to make something clear and that goes with their temper, I'll change a bit the tag. I'll choose ten of my Ocs instead of ten countries. Sorry ^^"

well then

Choose any 10 of you Ocs:

1. Vincent Danielesco
2. Narcisse Bridgestone
3. Karaïs Skeyp
4. Eily O'Seachnasaigh
5. Oscar McLachlan
6. Vahalpha Rmacy
7. Vinicio Caliente
8. Tschyz Skeyp
9. Jonas Crowe
10. Luryen Rmacy

1) 9 (Jonas), 4 (Eily)  and you share one dorm room. So, how's that going?

Me :-too small for the three of us ;A;
Jonas :-NO! ME!
*a fight begins*

2) 7 (Vinicio) decides to visit you to see how moving into your dorm is going. What does 7 (Vinicio) see when he opens the door to your room?
Vinicio :-Eily! what are you doing fighting with....who are you again? -=
Me :-I'm you're creator churros guy =_=
Jonas :-je suis le passant qui passe :°
Eily :- that's not what you think it is ;A;
Vinicio :- '-'

3) Your first is class biology. You sit beside 2 (Narcisse), who forgot his textbook. How does that go?
Narcisse :-hey, could you lend me your book for a moment?
Me :-take it = = I don't like biology...
Narcisse :-lovely :love:

4) You need help with physics, so you ask 1 (Vincent). How does 1 help you?
Vincent :-weeeeeeeeell....what don't you understand in calculating this shit ? =_-
Me :-everything actually ;_; what's this letter anyway? some ancient greek letter again?
Vincent :- think so...
Me :-then what is it suppose to mean?
Vincent :-...................aaaaah screw that ><" wanna play Street fighter?
Me :-yeeeey !! I'll mess up your face dan' ! >:D

6) 6 (Vahalpha) tries to steal lunch from 8 (Tschyz) . What happens?
Tschyz :- don't you dear approach my waffles you psycho pervert :stinkeye:
Vahalpha :-but there's chocolate on iiiiit T-T
Tschyz :-you've already swallowed twenty-six waffles !! how can you still be hungry???
Vahalpha :-Karaïs genes...GIMME THESE WAFFLES ANYWAY!!
Tschyz :-NO WAY!! *begins a fight with Vahalpha*

7) P.E. - Your teacher told you to do warm up with 10 (Luryen), when a fight breaks out between 4 (Eily) and 5 (Oscar) What's the reason for it, and what do you two do about it?
Eily :-how dare you love a british man >< did you lost your mind ???
Oscar :- I can't help it! D:< and why are you doing this....job anyway?? that's just not right !
Eily :-not my fault!!
Oscar :-well that's not mine too!!
Eily :-you annoy me!!
Oscar :-You frustrate me!!

Luryen :-.....I'm not getting involved into that ;^; too violent for me
Me :-cam'on chicken >< I'll stop them. Oi guys! who wants some yummy sour candiiiiies? ^^
Eily & Oscar :-I WANT! 8D

8) Your first school day is done, and you're tired. 1 (Vincent) asks you if you want to go with him for a coffee. How does he ask you and what do you say?
Vincent :-so young and yet tired? come here, I'll pay you something to drink ^^coffee?
Me :-thanks old man...Tea would be better I think ^^
Vincent :-that works :)
Me :-may I call you grandpa?
Vincent :-no.
Me :- okay grandpa. :)

9) You woke up in the middle of the night to see 7 (Vinicio) about to play a prank on 4 (Eily). What do you do?
Me :- *whispering* Oi, Tino!
Vinicio :- eeeeek! what ? OAO
Me :-count to three. at three, we scream BOO behind Eily's back, right? :D
Vinicio :- right :happybounce:
Me :- one...two...three
Vinicio & me :- BOO!!!
Eily :-*faints* :faint:

10) Oh noes! A few days later you lost a bet. Now you have to write a smutty story about 2 (Narcisse) and 9 (Jonas). What do you write?
Me :- oh my god T-T they're gonna kill me both...
let's write something pervy and hide it in a manga that no one reads...

11) There's a party going on. You see 6 (Vahalpha) and 8 (Tschyz) dancing. How's that going?
Vahalpha :- I can't believe I'm dancing. With a woman!!
Tschyz :- I can't believe I'm dancing. With a man!!
Vahalpha :- stille angry about the waffles?
Tschyz :-you're sooooo gonna regret that ==

12) You had too much alcohol, and you got drunk ( Impossible. I'm allergic to alcohol. but anyway.). 3 (Karaïs) helps you to bed. How does 3 do it?
Karaïs :-caaaaaqaaaaam'oooooooon you didn't drink that muuuuuuch just three vodkas ID
Me :-shaaaaaaaat it and put me on my bed you*burps* git!
Karaïs :- ZZzzzZZzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz...
Me :-hey! Wake uuuu...zZZZzZZzzZZzzzzzzzzz...

13) You wake up to find 1(Vincent) sleeping beside you. Your reaction?
Me :-*hit Vincent's head* WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED???!!!
Vincent :- oops, wrong room apparently = = sorry...
Me :- You didn't do anything weird, did you?
Vincent :- ya're too young anyway...
Me :-good.
Vincent :- *falls asleep again*
Me :-*hit his head again* go sleep with your boyfriend stupid vampire! ><"

15) Oh Noes! 10 (Luryen) found the story about 2 (Narcisse) and 9 (Jonas) you wrote. What does 10 do?
Luryen :- Noh' !! how can you write something like....THIS ??? D8
Me :- sorry, not my faaaaauuuult T-T I was forced
Luryen :- can I keep it?
Me :- O_O

16) You're in the library and find 2 (Narcisse), 7 (Vinicio), 8 (Tschyz) whispering in a hurry. They look like they're discussing something important. What's going on?
Me :-hey lads, what's going on?
Narcisse :- ssshhhh, apparently, Luryen found a smutty story about two persons in the studio :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:
Vinicio :- something really nasty D8
Tschyz :- I wonder between who and who :love:
Me :- eh...ehehehehe ID don't pay attention to this silly stuff. probably something not important at all

17) 9 (Jonas) tells you that 5 (Oscar) and 6 (Vahalpha) were seen making out. What do you think about this?
Jonas :- I swear!! I saw them O_O
Me :- you're just being stupid ><" that's impossible
Jonas :-these two are the only ones to have red hair ! and Vahalpha's really tall when Oscar's
Me :-was it yesterday?
Jonas :-yup.
Me :- they were drunk. forget what you saw.

18) Lucky you! You found a cupcake sitting on a table. You decide eat it. 10 (Luryen) sees you eating it what does 10 tell you?
Me :- I'm not a common monster !
Luryen :- eh?
Me :- I'm....the Cupcake monster ! :iconahahaplz:
Luryen :- oAo

19) The cupcake was made by Oliver, so you were poisoned to death. You wake up, and the cupcake was just a bad dream. You decide to go to 5 (Oscar) room for comfort and finds them playing spin the bottle. You walked in as 6 (Vahalpha) had to kiss 10 (Luryen)
Me :- oh god...
Luryen :- the cupcake monster poisoned by a cookie ID
Me :-shut it and kiss you're brother I)
Luryen :- :iconawkwardplz:
Vahalpha :- c'm'here my dear uke brother ID It's not like you've never done this with me before...
Luryen :- (nooooooooooo...)

20) You were pulled into the game! 4 (Eily) and you have to kiss.
Eily :- oh...well....
Me :- :iconimmakillyouplz:
Eily :- O_O"
Me :-do it quickly please...before I kill you and throw this bottle away...
Vahalpha :- :iconmonkeyclap: mihihihiiii

21) 8 (Tschyz) just took a picture of the kiss and tossed the camera to 2 (Narcisse). 2 runs away with it. Why do you think they did it?
Me :- to harass me :iconimmakillyouplz: to get their reveeeeeeennnnnge....
but they'll just get into more trouble I)

22) 9 (Jonas) and you were going to your room, talking about an exam. You open the door to find 1 (Vincent) and 7 (Vinicio) on your bed. What do you think happened and what's the reaction of you and 9 ?
Me :- O_O
Jonas :- O_O
Vincent :- I was just teaching him how to have fun with Eily! D:<
Vinicio :- eeeeeeek ;A; I'm so dead
Me :- get out of my room now oAo

23) 3 (Karaïs) decided to tag two people to do this meme. What do you tell 3?
Karaïs :- let's tag these people ! :iconmonkeyclap: that'll be great fun !!

muahahahaha ID
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SoMadLife May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahah , j'ai pas été taguée ID
C'est tres marrant je trouve XD
Alors c'est comment d'embrasser Eily ? IDDD Mouhahaha , moi perso j'aurai pas pu.. Avec le pervers voyeur qui observe en plus x)
XD Le truc avec l'alcool est hilarant , même si ça ne t'arrivera jamais ^^
AH lala , tout est drôle , j'ai ris , beaucoup :')

Si j'en fais un ,un jour , ce sera moins long x)
KangooNoh May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
xD j'aurai pu, mais tu n'avais pas assez de personnages pour ça ^^ ( ça t'évite d'avoir une tendinite x) )
tant mieux x)
-_- j'ai fait vite.
arh, il était insupportable ><"
ewais ^^
SoMadLife May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oui c'est vrai x) J'en ai pas beaucoup que j'ai posté mais dans ma tête y'en a pleeeeiinsss qui sont pas finalisés ._.
Oui merci x) déjà que mes mains sont larges , il faut pas qu'elle deviennent musclées en plus (même si elle le sont déjà un peu ..)
T'a la chance d'être une comique ^^
Tu m'étonne ._.
Hahaha x) Heureusement que j'en ai pas fait un comme ça moi XD (enfin presque , mais il est stoned a longueur de journée alors ..)
KangooNoh May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
xD beh qu'est-ce que t'attends pour les montrer espèce de plouf ?
xD moi j'ai juste le muscle du guitariste ^^" sinon c'est tout osseux x)
Ouais je vois x)
SoMadLife May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bah .. Sont pô fini ^^'
Ouais voila .. Puis avec la largeur de mes mains elles paraissent musclées alors que non ._.
KangooNoh May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SoMadLife Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Flemmarde que je suis ..
bibiedward May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG J'étais pliée en deux tout le long. :XD:

...NOOOO J'ai été taggéééééééééée!!! D: Why would you do that? ;-;
KangooNoh May 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
xD tant mieux
c'est rigolo ces trucs ! je devrai en faire plus souvent :D

because you're one of the rare watchers and friends of mine who's got enough Ocs to do this tag D':
and you were tagged by Karaïs, not by me !
bibiedward May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ouais! o3o (On proteste toujours quand on se fait tagger mais en fait c'est trop marrant... :XD:)

Okay. ._.
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